The world of superyachting is diverse, complex and dynamic: It is about passion, emotion and soul. It’s an expression of joy and a recipe for vitality.

Everything starts with a piece of white paper, a pencil and a spirit for innovation: The dream of surpassing the boundaries of yachting as well as the minimising the effects on the environment without sacrificing the slightest bit of comfort. The future of yachting is here; unique, personal, sustainable and rewarding.

Imagine starting every morning with an awe inspiring sunrise and ending the day with a breathtaking sunset! Watch, smell and feel at one with nature. Relax and enjoy the most beautiful and interesting places imaginable.

Time to build memories.

Let us welcome you to a new class of boating.

An Adventurous Spirit

Superyachts come in all shapes and sizes and are large and luxurious pleasure vessels capable of everything from traversing from one island hotspot to the next in record time or undertaking world expeditions of many months duration. Whilst there are no official or agreed upon definitions for such yachts, the term is regularly used to describe professionally crewed motor yachts ranging from 24 metres to 50 metres in length. Those leisure vessels larger than this are usually referred to as megayachts.

These yachts may be designed to emphasise comfort, speed, or expedition capability, as examples, and are often available for charter with a staff that caters to guests at a high standard of comfort. Depending on the season, superyachts may be most frequently found in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Larger examples may have more than one swimming pool; they may carry a variety of water toys, other boats, and some a helicopter.

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